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John Koch Antiques has been buying the entire or partial contents of area homes since 1984. Our expertise spans from antique and quality vintage furniture to the smallest decorative accessory. Silver, porcelain, art and rugs.


Through a system of wholly owned warehouse and retail facilities, along with the strategic relationships with a host of auction house, John Koch Antiques is able to offer a highly competitive price on the full range of items that make up a household. One of our strongest features is our ability to market the ordinary as well as the antique.


Our response time from examination of the goods to a formal bid is remarkably prompt. We promise the entire process will be handled with the utmost professionalism and courtesy.


Our movers work exclusively for John Koch Antiques, and a manager is always on the day of pickup to ensure a painless, respectable process, and to minimize the impact of what can often be a challenging experience.


We provide the complete range of estate services. For example we are able to:

  • Arrange for the delivery of donated items.

  • Assist in the shipping of specific bequests.

  • Return rented phone or cable equipment.

  • Dispose of unsalable items.

  • Offer full “broom-cleaning” of the premises in compliance with most leases, or so the property can be sold.


We are not appraisers. It is our belief that this is a conflict of interest, that one cannot be both the appraiser and the buyer. We can, as a matter of convenience, supply a list of appraisers for insurance or other purposes.


John Koch Antiques has the highest standards of discretion and lives up to the highest levels of performance. We will gladly furnish references to this effect.


To inquire about our estate buying services call or e-mail us at

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